Sad it’s over? So glad it happened! Best group, so friendly – best food! Sad to go back to the “real” world, determined to keep up the laughter and affirmations, bit scared too, but only I have the power and chioice to make that difference so I am determined to keep up my laughter and affirmations. I feel refreshed! I certainly feel stronger! More capably (capable to do the work)

I am feeling joyful and happy and enjoying my last eveing with four wonderful ‘sisters’. I have relaxed and meditated, laughted and worshipped the new moon. Last but not least cooked together and eating together was special. Thank you T.

As our week together draws to a close I can honestly say this has been a really lovely retreat away from the world – my world. I feel blessed to have shared the week with 4 other lovely women, none of whom I would have met had I not taken the decision to come along. I have learnt new skills and learnt a little about me I was put into some challenging situations which I felt proud that I rose to. Re my original goal – maybe a little but for me the sharing of tales and the new experiences will be what stays with me.

Nourished, grateful for this time spent together, getting to know each other and enjoying each others company, feelings of hope and positivity are now more evident in myself, feeling content and reenergised, feelings of satisfaction and real sense of community. Thank you! 🙂

Card pulled – Inspiration. Energised Excited Shifted, Lighter. Motivated to do more! Not fall back into bad habits – like drinking. I am excited to show the world, & show ME who I am. I am READY to let JOY IN!

This week has aided in my closure of the loss I uncovered in January. I gained then because I had lost loved ones but ultimately I had lost myself. I have spent this year building myself back up and this week has been the cherry on the cake. I feel free I feel release I feel powerful because of what I have overcome & I am grateful for the support and encouragement from you.

I am feeling more positive. I can see what is more important. I know what my next steps are to move forward and what to let go of.

I am feeling more comfort, a sense of peace and acceptance of where I am right now. I don’t have to rush or make any rash decisions. I feel more positive about a way forward and grateful for those I have in my life and the support they offer me. Spending and embracing my inner child with ‘play’ activities and time in nature has been wonderful. I feel more full than I did at the beginning of the week.

After the work we did I found that I could put things in perspective a bit better. It is still a woking progress but it has helped me start and at the moment I am feeling much lighter. Unfortunatly due to circumstances out of my control I am feeling back to square one.

Release. Knowledge. Powerful. Pleased. Proud. Calm. Community – new connections and new friends.

So positive – with a rough guide in place for what I need to do to continue these positive feellings I felt as though a weight has been lifted in my chest and I could breathe again. As advised, I wake up every morning and list 5 things I am grateful for. I now treasure the little happy moments rather than dwell on the hard or sad. The power of the new moon and the journaling have empowered me to live every day in the present.

I have noticed a big difference in my overall mood since the retreat. Having a more positive outlook on life and about the future – waking up feeling this way has been very beneficial for me. Almost as if a cloud has lifted, the memoriam retreat offered the chance to come to terms with the past. being able to seprate myself from it has helped me to focus on my present. oerall, the experience has been amazing, although Im still worried about a lot I feel in a much better position to handle whatever comes my way. Also I have learnt to take time for myself and use that time to sit and journal and meditate in my daily life. I feel I have taken a big step in my recovery process.

I felt completely held, loved, inspired, open and free! I felt worthy, confident, authentic and completely and utterly healed from the inside out. I was nervous to ‘break the bubble’ but soon became excited to return home bringing with me my new sense of self and optimistic outlook and energy. I felt I had made new family. The holes in my heart were filled, I felt complete and whole. Completely renewed in every single way. I was inspired to create art in my daily life and I had gained new tools for things that made me happy, I also felt I had a completely new support network. Thank you Teigh-Anne! xxx

Liberated. Inspired. Going home to PLAY and art and play! With an open heart. Can’t wait for the next one! So pleased with my hare, can’t believe how well it turned out! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

At the end of the retreat – on the final morning at 6am I had a hot tub – alone – naked. My swimming costume disappeared inside the filter! I saw it as a blockage so was delighted when the maintenance man reclaimed it as it took me into flow. This retreat enabled me to go into flow, into a place of empowerment – great freedom. It is extra – ordinary that this retreat went ahead considering the uncertainty of coronavirus, panic and fear. It is to TA’s credit that all the participants STILL came – that we were able to complete this retreat just days before lockdown started. I drove home from the retreat feeling a sense of fulfilment, peace, excitement and that I had plenty . 5 days with other like-minded women in a bonded group of mutual support and new sincere friendship. I enjoyed walking in the forest, watching the deer, waking up to birdsong, sunlight streaming through the window. The vegetarian food was delicious, the accommodation was fabulous. I would thoroughly recommend TAs retreats.

I really enjoyed the retreat and bonding with the other females, I couldn’t believe how fast the time went, I am very pleased with my art journalling and Hazel my Hare sculpture.

I felt really happy and motivated to do more art at home. Also sad to leave the group.

Exhausted! Emotional! Joyous! So happy I came. I have loved the space and time to make. Your gentle holding of the space and guidance has been invaluable. I am going home with renewed resolve to make space and time to do and make.

Relaxed, happy that I got on well with the group. Pleased I did some writing. Enjoyed seeing others art work and listening to their stories. Feel I did let go and felt freer. Thanks Teigh-anne.

This has been the most revealing and inspirational 4 days of my life – TRUTH! The two meditations (beautifully chosen music) – mind blowing. The altar ceremony – freeing. A group of women – now friends – inspiring artistic projects – joy, sheer joy. Time to play (all day!) Beautiful food. Forest of dreams to explore. Dancing trees cleansing breeze. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I cried when I did the writing,. I feel I released. I needed to. And I’m going home feeling better so Thank you! I feel I have made friends. I’m sad to be leaving everyone. I like Teigh a lot, found more about her and I would like to keep in touch (only if you want). Some Awesome memories – Thanks so much.

Relaxed, open to love. Not frightened of touch. I’ve realised I am patient and calmer than I thought. Connected with nature when we went into the woods. I loved that every day. I realise how my feeling and actions are in my control. I want to feel in control of my life and this retreat has empowered me to do that.

Wow – just wow! Thank you! I know more techniques now and have re-discovered my love of art! I am going home via hobbycraft to stock up on supplies to keep up the art… wow! I feel empowered and energised! Thank you!

I feel content. I am surprised at a resolution to old hurts I had reconsiled myself to never getting. For a woman to seeming be ‘out of control’ but to take ownership and apologise sincerely has been the healing I didn’t know I needed.

I’m feeling inspired by all the wonderful sharing that has taken place. It is so refreshing to hear such honesty and to feel safe enough to reveal and release all that is in conflict with my truth. I struggled with noise levels at times as I am used to being in quieter surroundings, so used the quiet of my room to retreat as and when I needed to . All in all an amazing few days, emotional a times, but definitely releasing!