Sometimes life can start to feel like walking through quick sand and stepping out of the usual routine or comfort zones can be just what’s needed to get us moving again – and to keep moving forward.  I run retreats that allow people to go along a journey together using a mix of methods and modalities that allow blocks to shift, tears to be released, joy to be expressed and a whole host of tools to be tried out. In a small group we are able to be ourselves, to feel, cry, laugh, share, express, create and just breathe. We do this through meditation, writing as practice, laughter therapy, creative play and the making of things. You’ll also get to take home everything you need to continue what you start.

Typically I run two retreats a year each varying in theme,  and what is made but they mostly follow a similar structure. They each start with the artwork for me as the energy, intention and content is created as I work on the image. 

I’ve included a page called How Did You Feel After? to share how others have felt by the end of the week,  although each retreat is different and so are you but it will allow you to see how they felt at least. I would add that I’ve found the people who get the most out of these retreats tend to have no expectations so you’re welcome to skip that page and simply see what happens for yourself. 

The retreats are very small now, with a maximum of 4-5 spaces available. 


Autumn Equinox

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th September 

Sherwood Forest, Nottingham

£300 each, £350 for your own room (one available) MAX 5 SPACES



More information to come once the artwork is created. 




This retreat was postponed several times because of the Lockdown. I ended up running it on zoom, sending a box to each of the people attending with everything they needed for the activities, We played pretend and imagined we were at the cabin. We then met up in person for another week during the November.