Hello Lovely! I'm a

Writer, Artist, Holistic and Laughter Therapist, Storytelling,

based in the UK.

I've been here for almost five decades, so far but practice the art of being 4 and a half - where wonder and joy still exist (before school) -because as Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying: "Life is too important to take seriously". It hasn't always been this way and it's been quite the journey to get here; filled with story, healing, lessons and tools to live a different, more balanced and joyful life. Part of that life is sharing some of what I learned along the way, in a Little Yellow Caravan. Like you do. ūüôā

Welcome to my little

corner of the internet!

Hello! My name is Teigh-anne (pronounced Tea Anne) Shave and I’m really pleased that you’ve popped in for a visit, for whatever reason.¬†

I’ve divided everything up into handy little departments to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You may have happened upon a laughter poster in a toilet somewhere. I do hope so because that would mean that you’ve possibly just had a little giggle while sitting on the loo. The words are the lyrics to the Laughter Loo Song that I now sing at the end of a laughter workshop that I run. You can find out more about that and the work I do around laughter as a practice, laughter therapy and Laughter yoga, here (or click on the image).¬†

I run two creative and well-being retreats a year. These are for people who who would like to take some time out of their usual routine for a bit of a reset and comfort zone expansion. They are for playing, meditating, creating and learning  new tools to bring more laughter and joy into their lives as well as being able to feel, cry and release blocked energy. 

During the summer I take my Little Yellow Caravan to healing areas at festivals providing a tiny space for a multi-sensory experience working one to one, and run larger group workshops (that focus on laughter as practice and journeying meditation) which I absolutely LOVE doing. Being in a room full of laughter has always been one of my favourite things and I love sharing the benefits of making it a practice and feeling the lightness of the room grow. It brings me a lot of joy to witness people shifting a little brain wiring. I might also be sharing some poetry or a story somewhere too. 

The rest of the time I’m working on a variety of bigger creative project at my studio in Lincolnshire, while also supporting my son.¬†

That’s my now but if you’d like to know a bit about how I got to this version of me, my background, experience, and training etc, I’ve gone into a bit more detail over in the More Jibber Jabber about Me department; or scroll down a bit to the various departments to view specific work and projects. Just click on the words to take you where you want to go next.¬†

*Some of the things

* these things vary, so probably best to just say; I make shit. All kinds of it. 
I make shit, write shit, talk shit, teach shit and create all kinds of shit. Sometimes that shit is gathering people together to make shit, write shit, talk shit and sometimes that experience is one that shifts something that needed to be shifted. (Maybe over a bowl of porridge in a cabin somewhere. or as you feel different textures between your finger tips. or singing a silly song. or laughing on purpose. or writing to a prompt. or deep in meditation. or peeling glue of of your hands after making some shit of your own that you didn’t know you could do. Or crying about shit….. You might also just have fun, doing something else, out of your comfort zone , deep within a present moment. Sometimes leaving you feeling lighter and ready for your next mission. It’s a process).

Mostly I’m making things that I’m curious to see and have on my ‘I did this while I was here’ list. You can see where that curiosity has lead me in the various departments of this place. Here you’ll find shit I’ve done, Shit I’m doing and Shit we can do together.¬†

Playing basically. And experimenting with joy.